Twins Jane Clayton and Julie Hudson – the double “ii” in iidentity salon – opened their salon in the heart of Brookside in 2000. The sisters have always worked together as stylists and even attended cosmetology school together. And they wouldn’t have it any other way. They enjoy working side by side on the salon floor and in the back office.

Julie and Jane have always been passionate about education, so they enjoy teaching and encouraging new stylists and watching them grow. The sisters love being in a creative environment, visiting with clients and fellow stylists and making their clients look great.

Since 2015, they have been official hairstylists for New York Fashion Week, creating the defining styles for some of the world’s leading fashion designers. Working with one of the fashion industry’s most important events was a dream come true and each year, they bring the latest in runway styles home to their clients in Tulsa.

Competitive by nature, the sisters ran track in high school and – when they aren’t in the salon – still enjoy running. They’ve competed in multiple running events including 15 marathons. They continue to support local runs with water stands and running alongside fellow stylists.

In fact, if they weren’t styling hair, Julie and Jane would be running triathlons. Or baking cupcakes. Their passion for fitness is exceeded only by their love of baking. And when you think about it, the two kind of go together – like a great haircut and color. Or twin sisters who love working side by side.