Join the Team

  • iidentity Salon is always willing to expand the team with like-minded individuals. When hiring we look for team members who are friendly, responsible, self-motivated, willing to learn and passionate about the beauty and fashion industry. 

    Front desk staff are paid hourly, and responsibilities may vary based on the days/times they are available to work. All front desk staff are required to work directly with the clients so their appearance must reflect the elevated salon atmosphere and their personality must be presented in a positive light. 

    Associates are elevating their education after they graduate cosmetology school by learning as they work. Associates get paid hourly and receive tip shares from their stylist(s) they are assisting. They will have the opportunity to work with all our “Master Stylists” to take away industry knowledge and build themselves to be an even stronger stylist. In the associate program, not only will they have hands on experience with their stylists, but they will also have education opportunities and scheduled shifts to build

  • their own clientele while assisting and receiving mentorship along the way. The time of the program varies depending on the individual, iidentity will give them the tools but ultimately, it’s up to them to put them to use. 

    Stylists are paid based on commission of the services they’ve provided. They also have the option to earn a commission bonus based on retail sales. Iidentity currently has 8 levels of stylists and many growth opportunities within. We believe there is always room to improve so education is continuously provided to the stylists. Education will help stylists stay on top of the hair industry’s trends and provide the highest level of service to their clientele. Every month each stylist is provided with a “Personal Development Meeting” and tools and tips to help them reach their goals. We want to help each stylist reach their full potential and then continue to build on top of that. The mentorship and opportunities are limitless at Iidentity Salon! 

    Please note: Hours and shifts can be flexible for every position.